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Easy to read menus and artistic representations of your food are the ingredients you need to rise above the competition. Ve-Studios can create a website as lively and appealing as the food your prepare.

Real Estate

Show off your best homes for sale with a powerful Real Estate website. Ve-Studios will make certain that your site has all of the elements such as MLS and ZAP CRM integration in place to support your success.


Clean and sleek web designs help your customers truly understand your product or service. Let us create the ideal business website that can help you close deals and propel your business to the next level.


eCommerce sites need to be fast and efficient with minimal amounts of downtime to ensure a seamless purchasing experience. Our team will create a site that will foster your business growth for the long term.


Your efforts should be captured in a way that truly demonstrates its artistry for the whole world to see. Allow us to create a digital portfolio that highlights your work and lets your fans to see your creativity in all its glory.


Is there another type of website that you need that we did not cover in this section? Well, not a problem! Our dynamic and creative team can easily bring your vision to life, no matter the feel, purpose, or subject.
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Your site is the most important part of your organization’s marketing plan. Be that as it may, HTML and the cascading style sheet (CSS) are our core expertise in web development. It’s of most extreme significance that each site we create must be efficient, utilizing the most recent HTML and CSS models.

Regular HTML websites lack a database so this is best for people who are not updating their website frequently and it is more secure than a CMS website. This also means that it might lack a few features and all updates need to be updated manually through code. These websites are beautiful and are great marketing tools.

A lot of sites now use the content management system platform because of its accessibility and myriad set of features. These are websites that utilize a MySQL database which in turn, makes it a dynamic website. WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are the most widely used CMS website types out there. There are a lot of benefits using the CMS platform such plugins integration, database, fully dynamic, and SEO optimization.

One of the main attractiveness of having a CMS site is that you do not need to have coding knowledge to manage your website. These websites are easily managed and are coupled with endless possibilities. We also provide training to get you acclimated on using the CMS features so you can manage it yourself.

In today’s technologically advanced society, it is hard to consider acquiring physical or digital items from a business that does not have an online presence. Have you at any point attempted to place yourself in your client’s shoes and imagine yourself looking for your business on the web but can’t discover any trace of it?

Today, practically everything in this world is sold through the online marketplace and this makes online business and eCommerce sites much more relevant than any other time. We work with business to develop a basic online e-commerce website to start selling their products to the world.

E-commerce websites are very popular today. A wide range of organizations, big or small, are building their eCommerce sites to grow their business.

We understand that a solid pay framework, shopping carts, and different components which will make it safe and helpful for your clients. Enterprise e-commerce websites will be hosted on VPS servers in anticipation of bandwidth and traffic. We will be using enterprise level CMS platforms such as Magento for your online store which guarantees stability, speed, and security while having the ability to host thousands of products. We are your e-commerce solution for your small to large size businesses.

We spend significant time in the improvement of our real estate websites and in addition, help get feedback from our clients to continuously provide a superior experience.

We know big brand names like Century 21 and Coldwell Banker have their own customized website and CRM applications. We can create a website that utilizes the powerful website and CRM of Zap to create a marketing monster of a tool to generate leads and improve brand recognition.

Not listed here? Please send us a message so we can find out what is best for you.

How Our Process Works


Analysis and Research

We conduct thorough research and market analysis with extreme meticulousness. This involves market research, competition analysis, art direction, and branding since we know that your website is a very integral part of your business and we should strategize for success.

Design and Development

With all of the information gathered from the research and client meeting, we can draft up a design and implement it on our test servers. We will gather feedback and build upon our mockup into a fully functional website.

Testing and Debugging

Once the website has been completed, it will enter the Debugging Stage. We will give our client the credentials to test out the site to see if everything is working as it should. The site would not be live to the public yet and only those with proper credentials can access it.

Finalization and Deployment

Any final changes and tweaks will be made during this stage. After everything is in order the site will officially be live and the site will be then passed on the client to manage. This signals the end of the web design contract since the website is finished and fully implemented.

Support and Maintenance

If the client requests support or any other add-on services after the completion of the website, a new contract will be established. This contract will cover monthly costs for us to manage the website over any time frame that was previously discussed.
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